Saturday, February 29, 2020


Naples Grande Beach Resort

475 Seagate Dr 

Naples, FL 34103


Cocktail Attire

Suits for men and cocktail dresses for women.

Tentative Timeline

6:00 p.m.
Cocktail reception
7:00 p.m.
Dinner and presentation
9:00 p.m.
Entertainment and dancing


What is the Bucket List Bash?

An upscale evening with a cocktail hour followed by an elegant dinner, a live auction, and live entertainment.

Event Leadership

2020 Chair Anita Lovse

2020 Co-Vice Chairs Dina Elliot and Jennifer McCurry 

2020 Honorary Chair Kathleen Mezzalingua

Payment Information

Credit cards and checks will be gratefully accepted. (No cash).

You may click the link to donate online, call, or mail in your donation to the Bucket List Bash office.


If you mail in your donation, the American Cancer Society will send you a receipt for your tax records, approximately six weeks after payment is received. If you make a donation online using your credit card, you will be directed to a confirmation page that can be printed for your tax records. In addition, an email will be sent to you that includes a receipt that can be printed for your records. A receipt  for your tax records will also be sent, should you win an auction item.

How to Make a Donation

Why Support?

Bucket List Bash donations will support the mission of the American Cancer Society as it works to save lives and create a world with less cancer by finding and funding cures, and supporting efforts in our community.


Approximately 1.7 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in the United States this year. More than 595,000 Americans will lose their battle. That’s more than 1,600 people a day. You can help us move one step closer to a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer by celebrating with us at the Bucket List Bash.


 6:00 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m.




Thank you to all of our distinguished volunteers who serve on the American Cancer Society's Bucket List Bash Committee.  Their tireless work is instrumental to ensuring this event’s continued success.

Interested in joining our committee? Become a member of our committee today by contacting Ali Levine at

239 330-3091 or


Anita Lovse


Dina Elliot & Jennifer McCurry


Kathleen Mezzalingua


Ingrid Aielli (Event Ambassador)

Christina Audrey (Marketing & PR Committee; Sponsorship Committee; Program Book Committee)

Gisselle Calleja (Sponsorship Committee; Program Book Chair)

Lili Canfield (Event Ambassador)

Shirlene Elkins (Event Ambassador)

Nicole Galliford (Sponsorship Committee)

Meghan Houde (Sponsorship Committee; Program Book Committee)

Dorothea Hunter Sonne (Decor Committee)

Barbara Johnson (Event Ambassador)

Rebecca Kosloff (Sponsorship Committee)

Matthew Kritis (Marketing & PR Committee; Decor Committee; Program Book Committee)

Cindy Lieber (Marketing & PR Committee; Decor Committee; Program Book Committee)

Mary Lottes (Decor Committee)

Carla McAuley (Event Ambassador)

Colleen Murphy (Event Ambassador)

Regina Noch (Event Ambassador)

Yassi Papenfuss (Patron Party Chair; Sponsorship Committee)

Renee Porter-Medley (Volunteer & Logistics Chair)

Terri Robert (Volunteer & Logistics Chair; Third Party Events Committee)

Naomi Smith (Event Ambassador)

Aivey Street (Sponsorship Committee; Program Book Committee)

Kasheen Swango (Sponsorship Chair)

Debra Trinka (Board Liaison)

Lauren Wilson (Marketing & PR Committee; Decor Committee; Volunteer and Logistics Committee)

It is a great privilege to serve as the Honorary Chair for the 2020 American Cancer Society Bucket List Bash Naples and to support the great work done by the ACS in the Naples community and nationally.


My degree in education prepared me for my life as the mother of six children and a proud grandmother of eleven. I have tried to instill in them service to others and volunteerism through my example of many years giving service through my church, my community, human services and the Order of Malta.


In 1997  my beautiful, spirited middle child, Laurie was diagnosed with breast cancer at the at the age of 29. I never imagined that this would be the beginning of the rest of my life’s service in the cancer world.  


Laurie fought her disease valiantly for over twelve years. During that time she became a passionate and vocal advocate for patient support.  As she became aware of the disparity of care  among her friends suffering from the disease, she was inspired to help these women who, in her words “ cannot afford their disease”.  The dream            led to Laurie providing the funds to help these women and was the genesis of Saint Agatha Foundation, which she named for the patron saint of breast disease.  This became her mission and her legacy.


On July 4, 2009, Laurie passed away.  At her request I have picked up the mantel of leading Saint Agatha Foundation and continue to champion her work in Central New York by funding whatever is needed not covered by insurance; surgery, medications and reconstruction to ensure that breast cancer patients maintain a positive attitude while going through treatment.  The Foundation also covers all household bills as well as personal bills during the time patients are undergoing treatment.


Cancer is a disease that unfortunately has touched every one of us in some way, and the research that American Caner Society funds is vitally important.  Ongoing funding is needed to develop treatments and cures for this terrible disease.


I ask you to join me in supporting the 2020 Bucket List Bash and the important work of the American Cancer Society to continue their search for cures.                    

Kathleen Mezzalingua

honorary chairperson